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Improvements - Search & Add Location

Posted by Heyhoe, 24 February 2012 · 843 views

IPB Stuart silvester application modification custom
So since the release of V1.0 and V1.1 we have had trouble with directing new users to participate with the system. V1.2 aims to solve some basic key issues and make the system much more usable.

There are 3 alterations in this version.

First off, when you visit the Activity Map page, there is no immediate indication of what to do unless you know the system already. We are implementing a new search console which will be MUCH more visible than the current toolbar. Once a search has been completed with this console, it will close and the original toolbar will re-appear as the toolbar aids quick searching better than the new console.

We hope the new console will look something along the lines of this

Attached Image

The styling may alter with regards to check boxes & drop down menus etc.

Secondly, once a search has been completed, the results are shown in a results pane on the left hand side of the map. Currently, the list is a little awkward to understand at first glance. We aim to improve this by providing an image, increasing the width of it and clearing up the information available inside.

Last but not least. When you click "Add Location" you are required to click on the map exactly where you would like to add the new location. This is fine if you are familiar with the area and from a satellite view. However, if you are adding a location you are unfamiliar with, it can be a challenge trying to find your location with purely visual aids.

In this update, when Add Location is selected, the search toolbar with transform into a "Jump To" box where you can enter a town or postcode to quickly navigate to right location. You then pin-point the location with the mouse as before. This should decrease the time it takes to add a location dramatically.

Well, that's all for now, so keep your eye out for these features coming soon!


Osat UK Team.

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Just an update, these modifications are now in place!
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